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Huawei New Eink eReader Tablet Coming Soon

huawei eink ereader mate paper

According to one Weibo user, Huawei is currently recruiting people for offline testing (on 6 November 2021) of their new ePaper device. To support the claim, it is also known that Huawei recently trademarked a few new names such as Petal Mail, Petal Lily, and Mate Paper. While the name is not yet sure, the … Read more

Hisense launches A7 B/W eink phone and A7 CC color version.

Hisense has launched the A7– a big eink smartphone/ereader (actually bigger than many ereaders like the kindle paperwhite for example) with 5G connectivity. [Note: This page will be updated once I get more information. Its a bit difficult because all the sources are in Chinese] The Hisense A7 will have an Android 10 OS with … Read more

Hisense A7 5G eInk Android Phone to launch Globally on 22 December

[Update: Hisense has launched the A7 5G phone along with a Color Version. Read about it here Hisense A7 is available for global shipping from CECT. However there is a rumor that its going to get an international release- I’d recommend waiting for that.] Yay Hisense. On behalf of all the eInk lovers out there, … Read more