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Xiaomi releases Mi Reader Pro eink Android ereader – Specs

Xiaomi Mi Reader Pro

In November of 2019 Xiaomi launched the 6inch Mi Reader which is an android based ereader with an eink screen. Now it has released its successor- the Mi Reader Pro which is a bigger and better upgrade to last year’s model.

The Mi Reader Pro is an ereader with an eink screen having 300 PPI. But since it will have the Android 8.1 operating system you can also use it as a tablet and install and use all your favorite apps on it.

This device comes in only one variant- 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. It has a Quad-core CPU and supports WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0. Just like its predecessor this too has a frontlight with 24 color toned (warm to cold) brightness levels. It has a generous 3200 mAh battery that supports 10W charging through USB-C.

 xiaomi Mi Reader Pro android eink

This is a Chinese product that is only being sold in China and for now it can only be bought from Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform XiaomiYoupin. But if we look at the 6inch Mi Reader- users were able to change the language to English and it is being sold in various international stores like AliExpress. Here’s to hoping that will be the case for this new model too.

You can get it from the above crowdfunding site for a promotional price CNY 1099 (around 165$). Its officially price will be CNY 1299

It’s main competitor is the LikeBook Mars which is also 7.8″ and has an android OS. There are also the Likebook Ares and Onyx Boox Nova 3 but they have note taking capabilities too, which the Reader pro doesn’t.

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