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Hisense A7 5G eInk Android Phone to launch Globally on 22 December

Hisense A7 phone ereader laucnh on 22 december 2020

[Update: Hisense has launched the A7 5G phone along with a Color Version. Read about it here

Hisense A7 is available for global shipping from CECT. However there is a rumor that its going to get an international release- I’d recommend waiting for that.]

Yay Hisense. On behalf of all the eInk lovers out there, I want to thank you for what you are doing. After putting out the first color eink phones (A5C and A5 Pro CC) in April this year, you’re now launching the first 5G eink phone the A7.

But the most exciting part for me is that it’ll be launched GLOBALLY. This will be a game-changer for countries like India (if it’ll be sold there- no information yet on the countries where it’ll be launched) where Chinese imports are banned. Not to mention it’ll be easier and cheaper to purchase when sold regionally.

Hisense A7 5g eink phone ereader

And since this is an international version, let us hope it will have Google Play. (Out of all 4 of their recent phones, you could get Google Play Services only on the A5 sold from CECT)

Most news outlets say that it’ll be a Black and White screen while on a Hisense forum it’s mentioned that it’ll be in color. But looking at the teaser image (above pic) on its JD store page it seems it’ll be in monochrome. But then there’s also the image below that’s taken from the A7’s product page that shows a color screen. But it’s most probably a different device with an OLED/LCD screen. I highly doubt that that screen is eink. (anybody who knows Chinese can tell me what it says?) Either way, we’ll know for sure on the 22nd.

There is no information yet on the full specs of the phone. But looking at the teaser pic, we can say that it’ll have an audio jack and USB-C. A teaser video also showed that it’ll have a camera with flash and fingerprint scanner on the back and it’ll come in two color variants- black and white. All technical details of the phone will be revealed on its launch tomorrow.

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