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New Eink Devices in May- Hisense, Boox, Dasung

May 2022 will be an exciting month for eink lovers around the world as many new products are slated for releases. And it just so happens that they’re all coming from three of the most innovative eink companies in the market.

3 New Products by Boox

Onyx Boox is rumored to be launching 3 new eink devices this May. Now, this is just a rumor and when I asked Boox, they didn’t give any confirmation, just told me that they’ll announce on their website when they release any new products. But if the rumors are true, I really hope they’re color and using Kaleido 3.

Hisense new Eink Phone

Hisense released a teaser video a few days ago which showed what looked like an eink phone. They will launch it on 11 May. Hisense usually makes a color version of their phones too (a5, A7) and it’ll probably be the same this time around also, maybe even with the new Kaleido 3 tech.

Dasung’s New A4 sized eReader

Now this one has already been unveiled but only in a short video by Dasung. We don’t yet know its full features and specs and I guess it’ll be officially released and available for order next month.

It looks beautiful and is thin and light at only 360g (in comparison the Max Lumi 2 is 570g). I hope it runs android and has Wacom layer, guess we’ll know soon enough.

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