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Eink launches Kaleido 3 Print Color for upto 13.3″

On 7 April 2022 Eink announced the launch of E-Ink Kaleido™ 3. It will be available for various panels including the popular 7.8″, 10.3″ and 13.3″ screen sizes. According to Eink, in comparison to Kaleido Plus, color saturation has increased by 30% in the new Kaleido 3 making for more vivid and brighter colors.

Kaleido 3 also comes with a new front light technology called E Ink ComfortGaze™, which reduces the amount of blue light reflected off the surface of the display, for better reading comfort. The engineers at Eink have been able to reduce the Blue Light Ratio (BLR) by upto 60% and Blue Light Toxicity Factor (BLTF) 24% compared to the front light design of the previous generation.

Mr Johnson Lee, the CEO of Eink says “The color eReader with E Ink Kaleido technology has received wide support and recognition from many customers since its release, E Ink continues to innovate color ePaper, and with E Ink Kaleido 3, we’ve enhanced the vividness of the colors, improved the module design and created a healthier visual reading experience. We are excited to see this new technology roll out in customer products.”

I also contacted him on Facebook and asked about the PPI and Mr Lee commented that Kaleido 3 has 300 PPI for B/W and 150 PPI for Color. The previous gens had only 100 PPI so this is a good significant increase and I am eager to see how it looks on Onyx, Hisense devices soon.

I also contacted Mr Lee on Facebook and asked if this new gen is faster than the Kaleido 2 & Plus. His reply- “The speed is the same. The color printing design is different making the color saturation better than the previous generation, and at the same time, the new printing makes the text sharper and clearer.”

This new tech will be on display at the Touch Taiwan 2022 Exhibition from April 27-29, 2022. Eink’s booth is #M802 on the 4th floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

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