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  • TCL NXTPaper 10s 2022 Specs- RLCD or not?
    So TCL has yet again announced a NXTPaper tablet called the 10s (on it’s CES 2022 event). The first one was supposed to release last year but it never saw the light of day. This one is similar but with a few differences like a bigger screen, battery, and an inbuilt light (I don’t know … Read more
  • Eink Black Friday Sale- Boox, Kobo, Dasung etc
    Black Friday and Cyber Mondy is upon us and various eink companies are giving `deals for their devices. If you’ve been wanting to get an ereader/eink device then now is the time to do so. Check out the amazing deals below- Onyx Boox Get upto 13% OFF on Boox’s eink android tablets from their official … Read more
  • Onyx Boox Leaf 7″ eReader – Specs, Price, Buy
    Onyx has released a new e-reader with a body similar to that of the Nova Air. It’s called the Leaf but this one is 7″ and doesn’t have a Wacom layer. It’s meant mainly for reading books and manga. Price, Where to Buy The Leaf comes in a grey melange color and is on retail … Read more
  • Huawei New Eink eReader Tablet Coming Soon
    According to one Weibo user, Huawei is currently recruiting people for offline testing (on 6 November 2021) of their new ePaper device. To support the claim, it is also known that Huawei recently trademarked a few new names such as Petal Mail, Petal Lily, and Mate Paper. While the name is not yet sure, the … Read more
  • Boox Note Air 2 vs Note Air 1 VS Note 5 vs Note 3- Specs Comparison
    The Onyx Boox Note Air 2, Note 5, Note Air 1 and Note 3- four similar but also different 10.3″ Android eink tablets with note-taking capabilities. Because of their similarities it can be difficult to choose which one to get. I hope the specs comparison table below will help you in your decision making process- … Read more