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  • BOOX Note Air2 Plus, Where to Buy
    BOOX just released the brand new Note Air2Plus which boasts 6 GB +128 GB of RAM and ROM. According to BOOX, the new Note Air2 Plus the biggest difference between the Plus and the original Note Air2 is the size and power of the battery. The plus features a Large 3700mAh Battery which gives it … Read more
  • Hisense A9 Eink phone Specs, Price, Where to Buy
    Hisense released the A9 eink phone on JD a few hours ago with two versions- 4+128GB and 6+128GB. It runs on Android 11 and supports dual sim with support for 4G. According to their posters, the A9 uses the new Hyperwave technology which makes it 33% faster than the A7 at the fastest speed mode … Read more
  • New Eink Devices in May- Hisense, Boox, Dasung
    May 2022 will be an exciting month for eink lovers around the world as many new products are slated for releases. And it just so happens that they’re all coming from three of the most innovative eink companies in the market. 3 New Products by Boox Onyx Boox is rumored to be launching 3 new … Read more
  • Eink launches Kaleido 3 Print Color for upto 13.3″
    On 7 April 2022 Eink announced the launch of E-Ink Kaleido™ 3. It will be available for various panels including the popular 7.8″, 10.3″ and 13.3″ screen sizes. According to Eink, in comparison to Kaleido Plus, color saturation has increased by 30% in the new Kaleido 3 making for more vivid and brighter colors. Kaleido … Read more
  • Onyx Boox Nova Air C vs Nova 3 Color- Specs Comparison
    The newly released Nova Air C from Onyx Boox is quite similar to the Nova 3 Color which was released just last year. However, there are some differences between the two. I’ve listed them below to help you in your buying decision. The Nova Air C has both warm and cold front light while the … Read more