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Hisense A7 5G Phone Full Specifications

Hisense A7 eink phone Specifications full details

The Hisense A7 is a 5G e-Ink phone that was recently released on 22 December 2020. It has been a great selling success on garnering 900+ reviews in two weeks. That’s a pretty big deal for an eink device.

The following table shows its main features/specification:

The Hisense A7 is a 6.7inch eink android phone. Unlike its predecessors this one has only one variant- the 6Gb Ram and 128GB internal storage one. But you get to choose between two colors- Black or Silver. It has external sd card slot that supports upto 256gb, however some had tried a 512gb card on an a5 pro classic and it works. So it might work with this one too.

The operating system is Android 10 without Google Play services. But shops like Cect might offer one with it later (like they did for the A5). It’s still possible to install apps on it through F-Droid, Aurora Store, and sites like Apkpure and apkmirror.

The main camera is 16MP with flash while the selfie one is 5MP. It has a 3.5mm audio jack with Hi-Res audio and connects/charges through a USB-C port. It supports fast charging at 18-19W.

Display Modes

One of the notable new features of the A7 is the four new display modes. They are the Dynamic Mode, Application Bleaching, Dark/Night Backlight mode and Classic Mode.

Dynamic Mode: This option will automatically change the speed modes depending on the activity you are involved in. If you’re reading it’ll use clear mode. If you start scrolling or typing it’ll change to a faster refresh mode.

Application Bleaching: Enabling this option will make the background of your apps whiter while darkening the text at the same time thereby increasing the contrast and ensuring better viewability.

Night Backlight Mode: This mode will help optimize the backlight at night so that it is not too bright.

Classic Mode: This is for the upcoming color version of the A7- the A7CC. Turning this mode on will change the screen to a black and white one. Pretty cool feature which can be used when reading books and novels- which am sure many will be doing with this device.

Let’s hope these four modes come to the older models too in future firmware updates.

There was a rumor during its announcement that this phone would be getting a global release (on 1 January 2021) but its already been a week since then and there hasn’t been any update on this. However, let’s wait till the release of the A7CC on 1 February to see what Hisense does.

A global release would’ve been awesome since for it would’ve meant being able to buy it regionally/locally without the hassle of high shipping and customs fees. For now you can get it from JD (Chinese website) and CECT (English website that ships internationally).

Check the video below for some previews of the phone:

Hisense A7 User Previews Compilation - Playing video, Reading, Browsing etc.

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