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Onyx Boox Nova Air- Specs, Price, Where to Buy

Onyx Boox released an Air version of their Popular Nova line and honestly, it looks beautiful. This new product comes with a magnetic pen and cover and is much lighter and slimmer than the Nova 3.

The Nova Air is available for pre-order from Boox’s official site and you can also get a 10$ discount if you use the code DQ8SRT8T8Z . Check the table below for its specs and features.

I am loving the design aesthetics of the Nova Air but I wish they’d have kept the battery size the same as that of the Nova 3 (which was 3150 mAh). Let’s hope this reduction doesn’t have a big impact on the overall performance of the Air.

Another criticism I have is the placement of the page-turning buttons of the cover. It’d make more sense if they were placed on the other side. Other than that I am loving everything about the Nova Air and would most probably choose this over the 3 if I were in the market for a 7.8″ eink device.

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