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Onyx Boox Mira Price, Where to Buy, Release Date, Eink Monitor

The Mira is a 13.3″ eink monitor manufactured by Onyx Boox. This is the company’s first foray into the eink monitor market and the only other alternative besides this is the Dasung Paperlike (HD, HD-F, HD-FT).


In China it’ll retail for 4699 Yuan which is about $740. I am guessing it’ll probably be around $800 for the international market.

Where to Buy

[Update 9 Sept 2021]: The Mira has been released for the international market. You can get it from the Boox Store where you can get a free case.

Update: I just found that it’s available on AliExpress but with a higher price tag than expected. If you’re in a hurry to get it, you can buy it from there. But if not, then I suggest you wait for its international release where you can purchase it (probably at a lower price) from Boox’s Official Store.

Release Date

This monitor was announced on 28 May 2021 in an event held in China. For international customers, the monitor was made available for purchase on September 2021. Onyx Boox has warehouses in EU, China and the US. Their products are also availalbe on shopping sites like Amazon, AliExpress etc.

The Mira Pro was also launched on the same event. Check out this article for more details. This article will updated once I get more info on the Mira.


Onyx will be using a new display mode on the Mira called Argonite which they claim will make it as fast as LCD monitors. It uses a 13.3″ Eink Mobius display with a resolution of 2200x1650 pixels. Connection ports include USB-C and mini-HDMI. The magnetic Cover can also be used as a stand and there will also be VESA support for wall-hanging (like the Paperlike models).

Besides using it as a monitor for your PC, you can also connect to it with your phone or tablet. You can also use touch directly on the Mira to interact with the phone or tablet. It also has frontlight for better viewability.

The video below shows a 9 minute preview of the Mira-

Onyx Boox Mira Preview- Playing Videos, Browsing, Writing, Programming, on 13.3" eink Monitor. Price

2 thoughts on “Onyx Boox Mira Price, Where to Buy, Release Date, Eink Monitor”

  1. I would not pay $800. Maybe $700, but not $800.
    And everything depends on whether it has a faster refresh than the Dasung.

    • Yea if it’s not up to par with Dasung it’s better to choose the latter or wait for color. But I think people who really need an eink monitor will jump on it given the $200 difference.


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