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Eink Sales/Discounts before the New Year begins

eink ereader sale discounts newyear christmas 2020

To celebrate Christmas and New Year some companies are giving sweet deals and discounts for their eink based products such as ereaders, tablets and monitors. If you’re looking to buy a new device, now would be the best time to do so.

Here are the deals that are available for you to take advantage of during this holiday season:

Dasung Sale 50$

Dasung is giving a 50$ discount coupon for any of their products on their official website. They mainly make monitors but recently they’ve released android tablets too called the Not-ereader and Notereader 103 one that is 7.8inch and the other at 10.3inch respectively. This sale ends on 31 December 2020

Dasung monitor ereader 2020 christmas new year sale

Onyx Boox Christmas and New Year Sale

This one started way before Christmas and will end once the New Year begins. You can get from 15$ to 50$ discount depending on the item you purchase. There’s a also a Lucky Draw going on right now for those who buy the Note Air from 20 November to 31 December. Three lucky winners will win a 239.99$ coupon which they can spend on the Boox store.

Boyue Likebook AliExpress Sale

Boyue Likebook is not officially having a sale but their main shop is on AliExpress and its giving around 20$ coupons for free that you can use on any product there. Their products are all android ereaders/tablets that range from 6″ to 10.3″. They recently released a new 6″ ereader called the Likebook P6.

Hisense Discount

Hisense Q5 is at $398 right now (usually $410). There’s no mention of how long this discount last.

Barnes and Noble Nook

I don’t know when this will end but as of this writing, there is a 15% discount on Nook Glowlight Plus. B&N is also giving a 50% discount on Nook accessories.

If there are any Deals that I missed please don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook Page or Youtube Channel and I will add it here. You can also comment below.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

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