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Dasung Paperlike 253 – 25.3inch eInk monitor – Specs Details

15 inches would have made me very happy (That’s what she said)

An 18inch would have made me jump with joy.

But 25.3 inches – that’s way way beyond my wildest dreams.

Dasung Paperlike 253- 25.3inch eink monitor

When Dasung announced a week ago that they were going to release a bigger screen monitor on Christmas Day I thought it would be a 15″ one. I entertained a thought that it could be 18 but quickly dismissed it as wishful thinking. The thought that it could be bigger than that never even crossed my mind.

But that’s what they did yesterday and it left me speechless. and even though I knew I couldn’t currently afford it, that still didn’t stop me from getting excited over it. Just imagining using a 25.3inch eInk Monitor gave me a feeling of blissful excitement. If this was Dasung’s Christmas gift to us, I think we couldn’t have asked Santa for a better one.

Then I saw the launch video and my jaw dropped for a second time in one day. It was beautiful and big and also seems to be fast. Quite similar to the speeds achieved by the older models- HD, HD-F which was quite a surprise for an eink screen of its size.

Working on this will be pretty amazing- whether it be editing word documents, programming, or doing internet research, you can easily open two applications at a time due to its sheer size. If your work uses mainly text without image or videos then this can be easily used as a primary monitor. It even played video fairly well; I can imagine people watching whole movies on this (if they don’t mind the lack of color).

Pperlike 253 editing documents

Paperlike 253 Specs (gleamed from the video)

Resolution- 3200 x 1800 pixels

The 253 uses the patented DASUNG Turbo technology which has fast refresh rates and low delay properties.

The body is covered by a strong Aluminium material.

It can be flipped and used vertically.

In an email query, Dasung has responded that the price of the monitor will be around $1.6k to $3.5k . It will be sold first in the Chinese market and then after that they’ll consider offering it globally.

Update: In an FB post on 5 January 2021 Dasung states that the price will be 1XXX9 CNY.

You cam email them – contact @ to pre-order.

Dasung paperlike 253 vertical mode playing video

This page will be updated once Dasung releases more details and starts accepting orders. Stay tuned.

Dasung Releases 25.3" Monitor- Paperlike 253 | First Look

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