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Eink Optimised Games Site for eReaders- Kobo, Paperwhite

E-ink.Club is a website where you can play simple but fun brain games such as Word Search, Kanagram, Soduku, Memory etc. for free. It’s still a new site and the dev- Sergi Rodrigues Rius – is working on fixing small bugs and making improvements to them.

Having said that games like Minesweeper and Memory already work perfectly. They’re my two favorites from the site and I enjoyed playing them on my kindle paperwhite– that in itself is a miracle. Usually, most sites such as articles and news sites don’t even load properly. But this is a gaming site and it works well and the SCREEN DOESN’T REFRESH when you make a move. That’s like magic to me.

This really surprised me because I used to access Facebook (stopped doing that now that I have the A5 Pro CC) from the Paperwhite’s Experimental browser and it would refresh with every click- yes even while just liking a post. So I applaud him for taking the time to make this awesome feature work.

This is perfect for non-android (and even old android e-ink tablets like the onyx boox note, max, nova, etc.) ereaders such as the Kindle Paperwhite, Oasis, Kobo, Nook Glowlight etc. since they don’t have access to Google Play Store to install games from. Also their Ram is really low. So if this is you, then now you can finally play games on your ereader. Enjoy!

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