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Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color- Specs, Price, Where to Buy


The Nova 3 color will run on Android 10 and unlike some eink android devices this will have Google Play support – you just need to go to Settings and click a button to enable it. It will also come pre-loaded with a new firmware- 3.1 – which has a lot of cool new features such as recording audio while taking notes- plus other new tools in the app, optimizing color contrast, saturation, and brightness individually for apps etc. I hope this new firmware will be rolled out to previous devices too.

Check the video below for some preview of the device.

Onyx Boox nova 3 color notes app firmware 3.1

Where to buy

You can get the device directly from Onyx Boox’s official site for $419. They have warehouses in the US, Europe and China- so when ordering choose the one that’s closest to you. Buying from them directly will also give you free accessories like a cover, screen protector, extra nibs etc.

Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color Specs & Preview

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