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Onyx Boox Nova Air C- Specs, Price, Buy Online

Onyx Boox has released the Nova Air C – the color version of their popular Nova Air eink note-taking tablet. It will have a 7.8″ eink screen using Kaleido Plus for the color layer. The specs are more or less the same as that of the Nova Air except that this Color version will have Android 11 instead of 10.

The resolution for the Color display is low though at only 100 PPI and 468 x 624 pixels. But this is the best that eink can do for now so we’ll have to make do with it. The device comes together with a magnetic pen and case and free tips if you order from the Official Boox Shop.

Check out the table below for the full specs. Also the video below it for a first look at the device-

Boox Nova Air C - First Look & Official Unboxing

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