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$100 Off Dasung Not-eReader 103 eink Tablet

You can get the Dasung 103 Not-EReader at $100 off the original price from SOL Computers. They’re doing a pre-sale for this eink tablet where this offer will be availed to the first 20 buyers. To be eligible for this offer you need to fill out this form. Then after two weeks of use, you have to complete a survey and provide them a feedback review of your experience with the eink tablet.

The company’s warehouse is in the United States so (if you’re living in the US) besides the discount you can also avoid customs and high shipping fees if you order from them.

The Dasung Not-Ereader has some impressive specs like a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and while other eink tablets don’t even cross the 5000 mark, the 103 has a massive 6400mAh battery.

And judging by the video below, to me it seems like it has the highest refresh rate too. It runs on Android 9 and has 4GB of Ram and 64GB of internal storage. You can also use it as a monitor by mirroring your phone, tablet or computer.

In my opinion, out of all the eink tablets currently out there this is the one you can most likely use as a ‘tablet’ because of its battery and speed.

Dasung Not-Ereader 103 $100 Off + Video Preview by SOL Computer

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