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Pocketbook 7.8″ Inkpad Color Specifications Details

Pocketbook has just released the Inkpad color- a 7.8″ color e-reader- the first to be available internationally. The Bigme S3 Color was the first 7.8″ to use color but it was mainly a Chinese device. It uses the 2nd gen kaleido tech and the colors are clearer and has better contrast. It is not an android device but instead runs on a custom Linux OS.

This doesn’t have a Wacom layer but there is a drawing/note-taking app and you can use a stylus to draw on it with color. You can even scribble on epub ebooks. It’s available for purchase from NewEgg or Amazon – unfortunately as of this writing, the device is out of stock on both the stores, hope it becomes available again soon. Check out the video below for a preview-

PocketBook InkPad Color - the first 7.8-inch e-reader with color E Ink KaleidoTM Plus screen

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