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Kobo Libra 2 – Specs, Price, Where to Buy

kobo libra 2 specs, price, where to buy

Kobo just announced two new ereaders- the Libra 2 and Sage. The Libra 2 has a 7″ Eink screen with warm and cold frontlight (ComfortLight Pro) for reading at night. It has 32GB of internal storage so it can easily hold thousands of your favorite ebooks easily. Plus you can also listen to audiobooks on … Read more

Kobo Sage – Specs, Price, Where to Buy

kobo sage specs sprice buy

Kobo Sage is meant to be the successor of the Kobo Forma and features an 8″ Eink display where you can also draw and write using their stylus (sold separately for $40) and get the handwritten notes converted to text. It comes with 32GB of storage and USB-C for charging and sideloading ebooks from PC. … Read more

New Kindle Paperwhite 5 2021 – Specs, Price, Release Date

2021 kindle paperwhite 5 specs price buy

The Kindle Paperwhite 5 (aka 11th Gen) has been leaked on amazon’s shopping site and is now available for pre-order. It will be officially released on 27 October 2021. 2021 Paperwhite 5 (11th Gen) Specifications Two of the main changes of this model from the previous ones are the bigger screen at 6.8″ and USB-C … Read more

Onyx Boox Mira Pro- Price, Where to Buy| 25.3″ Eink Monitor

onyx boox mira pro eink monitor price

Update [9 Sept 2021]: The monitor has now been released for international customers. You can order it from Boox’s Official Shop. On 28 May 2021 Onyx Boox launched the Mira Pro- a 25.3″ Eink Monitor- in mainland China. With this and the 13.3″ Mira; Boox is looking o directly compete with Dasung’s Monitor lineups where … Read more

Onyx Boox Mira Price, Where to Buy, Release Date, Eink Monitor

Onyx Boox Mira 13 monitor price release date

The Mira is a 13.3″ eink monitor manufactured by Onyx Boox. This is the company’s first foray into the eink monitor market and the only other alternative besides this is the Dasung Paperlike (HD, HD-F, HD-FT). Price In China it’ll retail for 4699 Yuan which is about $740. I am guessing it’ll probably be around … Read more