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games for eink ereaders kindle

Eink Optimised Games Site for eReaders- Kobo, Paperwhite

E-ink.Club is a website where you can play simple but fun brain games such ...
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xiaomi inkpalm 5 eink android ereader specs

Xiaomi InkPalm 5- Android 5.2″ eReader Specs, Price, Where to Buy

Xiaomi has released a brand new e-reader having a 5.2" eink screen called the ...
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Hisense a7cc vs a5procc vs a5c specs comparison table

Hisense A7CC vs A5 Pro CC vs A5C Specs Comparison

The table below shows the differences in specs between the Hisense A7CC, A5 Pro ...
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Onyx Boox Nova3 color VS Pocketbook inkpad color specs comparison

Boox Nova 3 Color vs PocketBook Inkpad Color -Specs Comparison

The table below shows the differences in specs between the Onyx Boox Nova 3 ...
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Onyx Boox nova3 color- specs, price, features

Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color- Specs, Price, Where to Buy

Software The Nova 3 color will run on Android 10 and unlike some eink ...
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Sony DPT-CP! Color Digital paper 3

Sony DPT-CP1 3 Color: Specs, Features, Digital Paper

Sony unveiled the DPT-CP1 Digital Paper 3 Color Note-taking tablet at the 4th Annual ...
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pocketbook inkpad color specs buy

Pocketbook 7.8″ Inkpad Color Specifications Details

Pocketbook has just released the Inkpad color- a 7.8" color e-reader- the first to ...
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Eink Sale- Chinese New Year 2021

During the Chinese New Year this February some of the eink companies are giving ...
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Dasung notereader 103 discount eink tablet

$100 Off Dasung Not-eReader 103 eink Tablet

You can get the Dasung 103 Not-EReader at $100 off the original price from ...
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SuperNote A5X vs Remarkable2 vs OnyxBoox Note air specs

SuperNote A5X vs Remarkable 2 vs Boox Note Air -Specs Comparison

The table below shows the specs differences between the most popular note-taking eink devices ...
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Hisense a7cc specs color phone eink 5g

Hisense A7CC launched- Specifications, Where to buy

The Hisense A7 CC e-ink Color phone has been officially released today the 1 ...
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all eink tablets ereaders phone monitor 2020

EInk 2020- All eReaders, tablets, phones, monitors

2020 was a great year for eink lovers as it not only saw a ...
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Bigme S3 Color ereader android eink

Bigme S3 Color Specs- 7.8″ eink Android eReader

Bigme has scored another 'first' again- this time being the first 7.8" color eink ...
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Bigme B1 Pro- 1st 10″ Color eink eReader Tablet Specs

The Bigme B1 Pro is a 10.3-inch Color eink Tablet/e-reader with note-taking capabilities which ...
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TCL NxtPaper Specs- First Color RLCD Tablet Android

At CES 2021 TCL has just launched a new android tablet called the NxtPaper ...
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